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Bus Crash Accident Reconstruction

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Mr. Kilpatrick holds a North Carolina Class-A Commercial Driver’s License and has the school bus and passenger bus endorsements. He drives school buses five days per week during the evenings where he takes students home after classes. Mr. Kilpatrick is school bus crash reconstruction engineer and school bus safety expert. His services include:

  • At-Scene Investigation and Evidence Mapping
  • Impact, Velocity, Force, Time, Distance and Cause Analyses
  • Flip, Vaught and Rollover Analyses
  • Photogrammetry Studies of Police Photographs
  • Product Defect and Failure Analyses
  • Lamp Filament Analyses (determine whether vehicle’s lamps were on during impact)
  • Air Bags, Seat Belts and Seat Belt Pretensioners Failure Analyses
  • Image Data in Electronic Control Module (ECM) To Determine Bus Engine Run Data and Driver Activities during a Crash Event
  • Computer Generated Dynamic Vehicle Crash Video Simulation
  • Human Factors and Occupant Dynamics
  • Steering Mechanism Failure Analyses
  • Air Brake System Investigations and Analyses
  • Brake Shoe and Slack Adjuster Investigations and Analyses
  • Braking and Skid Analyses
  • Suspension System Failure Analyses
  • Structural System Failure Analyses
  • Engine Failure Analyses
  • Standards of Care and Maintenance and Analyses
  • Vehicle Research
  • Surveying/Total Station Accident Scene Situation Map Support
  • Forensic Accident Scene Photography and Mapping
  • Safety Warranty-Recall Investigations
  • Federal Motor Safety Regulations Parts 40, 380, 382, 383, 387, 390-397, and 399