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Gymnasium Accident Reconstruction

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The Kilpatrick Group, PA provides a detailed and thorough engineering investigation of gymnasium strength training machines that fail and cause serious accidents resulting in injury or does not perform to manufacturers’ specifications. Mr. Kilpatrick has been involved in strength training in gymnasiums for approximately 40 years and has extensive experience on many types of strength training machines and free weights. Our services include:

  • Forensic Accident Scene Documentation Videography, Photography and Mapping
  • ANSI, ASME, UL, ISO Standards Evaluations
  • Equipment Accident Reconstruction
  • Accident Hazards and Root Cause Analyses
  • Guarding Issues and Analyses
  • Equipment Standards of Care and Maintenance and Analyses
  • Frame and Structural Analyses
  • Performance Testing and Analyses
  • Design Defect and Failure Analyses
  • Product Testing and Failure Analyses