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Tractor Trailer Accident Reconstruction

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Gary E. Kilpatrick, PE, DFE at The Kilpatrick Group, PA is a service provider of commercial tractor trailer trucks crash reconstruction to our legal and insurance clients. Mr. Kilpatrick is a board certified Forensic Engineer through the National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE) and is a Diplomat Forensic Engineer (DFE). He has extensive engineering education, training and experience in commercial tractor trailer trucks crash reconstruction and product defect and failure analyses. He has earned certifications through Northwestern University’s Center For Public Safety. Mr. Kilpatrick has a Class-A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) to operate commercial tractor trailer trucks and has Tanker, Hazardous Materials and Triples Endorsements. He has extensive training and experience with driver logs and has experience driving road tractor trailer trucks. He travels throughout the United States to investigate commercial tractor trailer trucks crashes, product defect and failure claims resulting in personal injury or wrongful death.

  • DOT Truck Inspection
  • DOT Brake Inspection
  • Image and Interpret the Road Tractor’s ECM Data
  • Preimpact and Postimpact Velocities
  • Delta-V Calculations
  • Vehicle Principle Direction of Force (PDOF) Calculations
  • Vehicle Energy Calculations
  • Acceleration, Distance, Time Calculations
  • Road/Tire Coefficient of Friction/Drag Factor Measurement and Calculations
  • Angular Momentum, Rotational Energy and Rotational Motion Calculations
  • Critical Velocity and Yaw Calculations
  • Vehicle Falls, Flips and Vault Airborne Calculations
  • Vehicle Rollover Analysis and Calculations
  • Vehicle Dynamic Weight Shift Calculations
  • Vehicle Low Velocity Rear-End Collisions Analysis and Calculations
  • Engineering Dynamics Corporation HVE Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Dynamics and Simulation.
  • Vehicle Vector Trajectory
  • Cause Analysis
  • Lamp Filament Analysis
  • Tire Examination
  • Human Factors
  • Driver Visibility Analysis
  • Download and Analysis of a vehicle’s Crash Data Report from a vehicle’s Event Data Recorder (EDR)
  • Airbag Deployment Analysis
  • Seat Belt Function Analysis
  • 3-D Laser Scanning of the Accident Scene
  • Vehicle Inspections For Defects and Non-Conformance
  • Defective Vehicle Component Determination
  • Vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Download and Interpretation
  • Component Failure Determination
  • Vehicle Standard of Care and Maintenance Evaluation
  • Product Defect and Failure Analysis
  • Manufacturing Process Defects and Failures