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Traffic Accident Reconstruction

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The Kilpatrick Group, PA provides a detailed and thorough engineering investigation and analyses of motor vehicle crashes. Our engineers investigate crashes involving cars, light trucks, motorcycles, ATVs/ROVs and commercial heavy trucks.

Our engineers at The Kilpatrick Group, PA participate in motor vehicle crash testing for research by attending the largest motor vehicle crash conference in the world organized by Collision Publishing and ARC-CSI. The purpose is to experience live real-time motor vehicle crashes to observe how each vehicle responds dynamically, and to observe pedestrian and occupant dynamics. From this, our engineers observe how motor vehicles, occupants and pedestrians actually respond to high speed and slow speed collisions.

The vehicles involved in these crash tests are commercially available cars and light trucks, motorcycles, emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks, tractor trailer trucks and anamorphic crash test dummies. Our engineers also observe and study motor vehicle crash testing conducted by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety and the Highway Loss Data Institute. Click on this link Click on this link to see a live real-time crash test.

Our services include:

Cars, Pickup Trucks, Buses, Articulating Vehicles, Motorcycles:

  • Preimpact and Postimpact Velocities
  • Delta-V Calculations
  • Vehicle Principle Direction of Force (PDOF) Calculations
  • Vehicle Energy Calculations
  • Acceleration, Distance, Time Calculations
  • Road/Tire Coefficient of Friction/Drag Factor Measurement and Calculations
  • Angular Momentum, Rotational Energy and Rotational Motion Calculations
  • Critical Velocity and Yaw Calculations
  • Vehicle Falls, Flips and Vault Airborne Calculations
  • Vehicle Rollover Analysis and Calculations
  • Vehicle Dynamic Weight Shift Calculations
  • Vehicle Low Velocity Rear-End Collisions Analysis and Calculations
  • Engineering Dynamics Corporation HVE Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Dynamics and Simulation.
  • Vehicle Vector Trajectory
  • Cause Analysis
  • Lamp Filament Analysis
  • Tire Examination
  • Human Factors
  • Driver Visibility Analysis
  • Crash Data Retrieval Event Data Recorder Download and Report Interpretation
  • Airbag Deployment Analysis
  • Seat Belt Function Analysis
  • 3-D Laser Scanning of the Accident Scene
  • Vehicle Inspections For Defects and Non-Conformance
  • Defective Vehicle Component Determination
  • Vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Download and Interpretation
  • Catastrophic Component Failure Determination
  • Vehicle Standard of Care and Maintenance Evaluation
  • Product Defect and Failure Analysis
  • Manufacturing Process Defects and Failures